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Sunday, June 15, 2008

TM Challenge 2008

Got some pics from yesterday treasure hunt organised by TM. It's called TM Challenge 2008. We are not really hunting for treasure, rather to complete some tasks / challenges along the journey which started at Shah Alam & end at Bagan Lalang.

I woke up early 4.30 in the morning, but I set the alarm at 5.30am. I guess I'm excited about the event.

Every participants wore this t-shirt.

Look at the handsome fella posing. Number "33". Nice number eh? We suppose to meet at the gathering point at 7am, but me & my team members reached there at 6.20am. Since we are abit early, we decided to solve the first three bonus questions (given to all the 40+ teams during the briefing yesterday). Anyway, we do not want to be the first in line to be flag off, since it's the first ever treasure hunt we join & we do not know what to expect.

7.50am, we were flag off. There were about 40 cars with 4 team members in each car. We have to go to the Shah Alam extreme sports centre. Along the way, at certain points, we are required to answer questions given. There were easy questions, hard one & also tricky questions which requires lots of input from team members. Thank God I got good team members.

The first challenge we need to complete is to shoot a target with paint ball. Each members are given 5 chance to hit the target. 5 hits are required, otherwise points will be deducted. Damn! We failed this challenge.

The second challenge was below. We managed to get passed this challenge as she hits right at the target. Bravo!

We drove to Banting, Morib, Carey Island, Tj Sepat to solved the questions given.

Below is another challenge. To be completed within certain time or marks will be deducted. We made it through.

Below another challenge. We have to snap a pic of a very little fish which is almost invisible to the naked eye. Lucky thing I have a digital camera which have 3x zoom! Right after that, we have to complete a puzzle. The ladies are real good in solving puzzle.

Yet, below another challenge. We have to peel off fresh coconut using a tool, get its content out (using the old conventional way) & make santan. We passed this challenge within the required time. So what was I doing below ? I have to run & climb down the rock to take the sea water & I almost fell.

Finally! After 7 hours of hunt (strangly we did not notice how fast the time ticked) & completed all the challenge, we arrived at the Finish line. Had high tea at the hotel.

Good news is, my team won the rice cooker each. We are at number 6th spot. Yeah! All of us enjoy this event so much. Hope there will similar event next year. If any of you out there have the chance to join treasure hunt, go for it.


Eluzai said...

wow... sounds like you had a wonderful time! seems similar like the Amazing Race challenge....wah nice rice cooker!.. so now I can come for lunch la..but the Best part about this post is that you posted your picture! omg! I can't believe it. errm.. u dont look fat also ...still handsome lerr..

dizzyguy73 said...

We all have lots of fun solving the questions, puzzle & completing the challenge. Really enjoying. If u got the chance, join one!

dizzyguy73 said...

oh ya, yes yes, come for lunch. I will like to taste ur curry chicken. Hey! Talking abt chicken, I heard the price of chicken also increased ?

karen said...

wah that one you ah !! where got fat !! maybe if we look close fat la !! ..haahha !

dizzyguy73 said...

Yes u r rite. Much fatter if closer.

Comment whatever you like, but comment moderation is turned on. It might take some time for your comment to be published.