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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great Time at Genting with darling

Me & darling went to Genting on Friday. Earlier, somehow darling has magic touch, she managed to book the Deluxe room last minute via online at a promo rate, with breakfast included which is very worth it.

Passed by uncle Lim's memorial park below. Huge memorial park & beautifully constructed.

The winding road to Genting is making darling dizzy.

The cable cars which is clearly visible when we are about to reach First World Hotel.

Ahhh, finally after all the winding roads, First World Hotel clearly visible.

The scenary which can be seen at the car park.

Took some pics indoor, at the lobby, the walkway. Very nice view.

After some photos session, we decided to catch a movie. The hilarious Kung Fu Panda. If you have not watch it, I recommend it to you.

The cinema, even though small, it's very comfy inside. Sounds system ok, not bad.

Since it's still too early to check-in, we go for our lunch - Kenny Rogers. We had quater chics with muffins. Everything was ok, except the muffin. It's just not as good as I have tested in other Kenny Rogers outlet.

Just nice, after movie & lunch, it's time to check-in. The duluxe room, slightly spacious. Toilet is much bigger & cleaner compare to those in standard room.

We walk around & decided to play bowl. Look at the score! Me 8 & darling 21. She beats me at the start of the game. My first 2 frame, all masuk longkong. Actually, I purposely make darling happy mahhh... let her win at first.

Look at the end of the score. Who won? Whoo ??? heheheee

The theme park which can be clearly seen along the Star Walk.

We drop by Monte Carlo casino. I lost RM40 to the jackpot machine. But I won it back the next day. Darling was lucky, she won some. We played until night falls. If I don't pull darling out from the slot machine, she will be glued to the chair until midnight.

After KFC, we took a walk outside the theme park & Theme Park Hotel.

It was fullmoon that night. Awwwwwwooooooooooolll....

These are the pics taken inside the temple, on our way back from Genting.


Eluzai said...

Glad you had a nice time at Genting. Nice photos too. Wah.. your darling looks sexy too. Im glad you lost ONLY RM40. Many people loose a lot at casinos.
Pity I didnt bump into you there.
The Osmonds were awesome! My cousin and I had a wonderful time.
And yes I agree with you about Kenny Rogers at Genting, it doesnt taste as good as the ones in KL.
Wah, pandai bowling eh? when are u going to teach me?

dizzyguy73 said...

Ya Tina, will be great if we can meet up there. I lost RM40 initially but I won back the capital. I actually set my limit on the amount to play. If it goes to certain level (which is small $$$) I will stop. Cant be too greedy, otherwise we will loose everything.

Glad u & ur cousin enjoy the show.
Bowling ? Aiyahhh, my throw most of it went inside longkang, how to teach u ? My darling can teach u lah.

Eluzai said...

errm.. no.. i rather u teach me la..
its good that u know when to stop-gambling.

Comment whatever you like, but comment moderation is turned on. It might take some time for your comment to be published.