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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Free makan

Am at Butterworth Jusco, Sushi Queen (yup is Queen not King) eating with darling. darling belanja maaa, apa lagi, wallap whatever i can grab. Ohhh n they have wireless here. So im now blogging frm my smart pda phone. Thats another benefit of such phone. Go grab urself one.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

OX is here

It's the year of OX. And I'm borned in the year of OX. According to the chinese zodiac / predictions, the 3rd day of CNY will be a good day to start work for those who were borned in the year of OX.
What good does it do ? Don't care lah, as long as people say good is good lah. Why bother so much. But will be great lah, if it does some good on the financial part. Anyone care to donate money to me ?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Start Work

Back to work on 3rd day of CNY. Wednesday was quiet, only few people around. But it was a busy day for me. Taking the opportunity to update each & everyone pcs.

There was an incident where we got hit by virus. The virus is attacking pcs which do not have Windows XP security loopholes patched.

If you will like an automate process of updating / patching your Windows XP from bugs, click on the Windows START button - Control Panel - Automatic Updates. Select the first option "Automatic (recommended).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nice body polish

Have not been washing my poor car for the past few weeks. It was exposed to rain, dust, heat, you named it. It was covered with a thick layer of dusty rain water leftover.

Finally, had it wash yesterday evening. Pampered it further with a layer of wax & polish work. All done by myself. Never send car for washing at office again. Don't know what type of washer liquid this guy is using. Seems like it doesn't do good to the body paint.

Anddddddddddd, the final result after polish. Look at the image reflection at the body. So clean, glosy, smooth, shining ! So satisfied with the result, even though it was darn tiring.

I'm a maid from ?

When the new year is around the corner, I will transform to become a maid. People are transforming into Ultraman, Superman, but me ? The house cleaning guy! Gheez!
It has been a very tiring day. Even on the eve of Chinese New Year, I'm still doing the cleaning. Can't wait for the makan gathering later at noon. Mom's responsibility is to cook, my is to clean.

Gong Xi Fa Cai


Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Present

My Christmas & New Year present from darling. The HTC P3300. My first ever smart PDA phone. Been dreaming of owning one for a very longgggg time & finaly, darling make the dream come through. Thank You Darling.

This piece can do wonders. Thanks to the great wonderful softwares available out there. Now if you will like to download some cool softwares for your smart PDA, head to IP Mart Forum site. The best is, you don't have to pay a single cent for it. Lets see what softwares which I will consider 'cool'. Microsoft Office 2007. Yep! I have lots of important documents (Words, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) which I need to access, especially when I'm not at my desk. Made a copy to the PDA & retrieve it whenever needed. Now that's called portability & convenient!

It comes with wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS receiver. That means, I can get connected whenever there's wi-fi available. With wi-fi, I can surf the net,

load up the messenger, fire up the GPS & head to my destination without the fear of getting lost, anywhere in Malaysia. Yeah! Cool ! Ohhh, & the radio function, which you can tune up to any radio channel in the world.

Let see what else ? There's camera / video, sync your email with Outlook mail-calender-task-notes, Voice Recorder, Media Player, Contact Manager & the list goes on & on.

Someone told me, once you owned a smart PDA, you will never want to carry a normal phone again. Now that make sense!
Comment whatever you like, but comment moderation is turned on. It might take some time for your comment to be published.