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Saturday, July 26, 2008

When a man loves a woman ...

Man is not so tough after all. Man might seems tough from outside. Love can make a man weak. Love can make a man break down & cry. If a man cry for his lovely darling, what does that mean ?

Do Die, Don't Do Die Also

Have you ever been in a situation where, if you do something you will end up in trouble. If you don't do it, you will also end up in the same situation ??? If you were to weight both, which gives you the same pros & cons, what will you do (besides praying & leave it to the hands of God) ???


Got my first pay on 25th July. Hmmm... lets see, going to pay off 3 credit cards outstanding amount, house loan, car loan, others. Have much left do I have ? Don't even ask! I have that's enough for me to survive until the next pay day.

Why ?

Some people is just very fortunate. Even though he has an evil heart, yet he's so lucky. Won many contests, prizes. How such a person get so lucky ? Why is he not being punished for the sin has committed ?

Busy At Work

Been extremely busy at work. So many things to catch up & learn. So many to do & yet so little time. So tight dead line.
Last two weeks, have to work on Sat & Sun, as the company is organising big event for its associates.
Tomorrow I will have to work half day.

Nose Bleed

Arrrggggggggggggghhhh !!!!! Too much heaty food & coffee!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pay to stop SMS? Maxis oh maxis

Been receiving lots of unnecessary messages on your phone ? Well, if you are Maxis subscriber, you can stop those nonsense, provided if you pay RM1/month. Sounds brilliant ? Yeahhh right!!!
First they flood unnecessary sms to your phone, now they want you to pay to stop them from doing that !!! What gives man?!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are You Getting What You Paid For ? Streamyx Hello???

Darn frustrated with TMNet Streamyx for the past few days. Don't know what they heck are they doing. The downstream is only at 96Kbps, instead of the usual 1024Kbps which we are paying for. What the hell is wrong with Streamyx!!! Streamyx is crawling like a snail !!

Another Road Block

Back from work reaching Klang, Sg. Rasa tol plaza around 8pm. At the opposite site of the road (heading toward KL), there were unusual jam / queue. There were another road block. How co-incident, with Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim being arrested by police this noon. They must be trying to stop his supporters from staging protest.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tayar Price Increased

Just got to know that the price of car tyre has been increased !

Just the right timing when I need to change my two back tyres which has worn out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Money Gone

Just heard the money I lend to the office boy can't be recovered. He has been going around office borrowing money from others. He is using the same modus operandi. Going around with pity face telling his victim that he will return the money end month (but of course, that will not happen.)

Lesson learned : Never trust anyone, especially those I don't really know. Don't be shy to reject & say NO !

Road Block

Heading towards Sg Rasa tol plaza this noon around 1 pm take more than half an hour. Why ? Road block lor... I guess it's to prevent more people from going to the petrol hike protest gathering. But it was stated in the local newspaper, the police said it was just a normal road block check practise. True or not, you judge yourself. Now days, there seems to be many lies flying around our political scene.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

More to learn

They are all new to me. The network setup, the systems & applications that they are using. Policies are tight & strict, controlled by US.

Lots of reading to do, to get myself familiar with it.

Times Are Bad

A friend email me saying his housing area in USJ for past week, has frequent snatch thieves. Happened near her house, right in front of her neighbour house. Around 6pm (yeah, still bright day light), the lady was coming out from the car, opening her boot with her handbag on her hand, the snatch thieves on motorbike grab her bag & cut it off with a knife. So don't think you are safe when you reached home. Stay alert & observe your surrounding before getting down from the car. When you try to open the gate, that might be the time when the snatch thieves strike. Consider yourself lucky if you just lost your handbag. What if you get hurt ?! Which will you prefer ? Lost your valuable or get hurt or avoid both by being safe & stay alert ?

Another case happened at the pedestrian bridge near Summit Hotel. The snatch thief was waiting at the bridge itself. Omg!

Cost of living are getting higher. When certain level of income group are not able to keep up with the rising costs of goods & services, they will resort to this kind of criminal activites.

Be safe when you are out there !!!

Starting New Journey

How time really flies. It's like I just started my first day of work at new place yesterday. But today is already Saturday. First day of work, as usual, there was introduction. One thing that surprised me is there was a welcome lunch from the Vice President & Managing Director for the dept. Nice humble guy. Now this is what we don't find in many corporate organisation.

Colleague wise, well, I guess is usual to find many types of people around in an organisation. Everywhere will be the same. But the lucky thing is, this young guy which I will be taking over portion of his workload is nice & not stingy in knowledge transfer. Boss wise, he's also OK. Thank God. Company wise, I heard many employees are happy working there. So it must be good. Will get many goodies / product from the company. Hmm... when will be my turn huh ?
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