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Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Wish From Blogger

Well, 2008 is coming. I was trying to changed my blog template for the heck of it & have a new feel. But looks like there's not much option to choose from the templates available at blogger. So for 2008, if you were to ask me, what will I want to see changed in Blogger, I will say, give us more choices of templates.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yahoo! Photo Closed ?

WTF !!! All my pictures taken from Hong Kong trip were gone from Yahoo! Photo! They have closed for good in September 2007 and I did not get any email notification of the closed!! WTF man !!! If you have photos uploaded to Yahoo! Photo & didn't on it from Sept until now, take a look at posted message here.

Hello Yahoo, at least let us know of your intension via email !!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Get Back The PC Speed

Your pc will be getting slower as time goes. One simply step can be taken to gain back that little performances you have lost :

Defrag your disks using DISK DEFRAGMENTER in Windows XP (under All Programs - Accesories - System Tools). The defrag process could take up to as long as 45 mins to complete.

If you do not have the luxury of time to wait, there's an alternative. Download Auslogics Disk Defrag. Click here. It will defrag your disks in no time. Try it & you will love it. What's more, it's free!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Time Galarie No More ?

Still remember on Dec 23rd, was shopping for watch at TIME GALARIE in Tesco, Jalan Lagenda, Sg. Petani with my sweetheart. If we have the power to stop time, we will give the particular sale girl few tight slaps on the face till it got swollen. Her attitude is just unreasonable, unacceptable & uncalled-for. Someone must have stepped on her tail, but then again, it's not an excuse to let it out on customers. We left the shop with total dissapointment.

A friend of ours managed to grab the customer complain number displayed at the shop. With act of frustration, the three of us sms & describe the bad experience. We will not step foot on that TIME GALARIE outlet anymore.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Where's My Car ?

I came out from the office, searching for my car frantically. It's nowhere to be found. Not at the usual parking lot. I walked to another nearby area, it's neither there too. Started to get panic & worried. Trying to recall back what has happened.

I walked back from the opposite office building in the evening, bringing with me one unit of pc to be trouble at the main office. Then it snapped me that, earlier at noon, I have drove my car to that office. Duhhhhh!!! I can't believe it. I actually drove there, but I walked back to the main office & I totally forgotten about my car!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hectic Day

What a hectic day. All things happened at the same time & on the first day of work after back from my long holiday. The other office building is having problem with wireless link to the main office. The email & system was cut off. Was having problem troubleshooting & detecting the root caused of the problem. Was sweating climbing up & down the 3rd floor warehouse. It was hot & the ventilation is just bad. As if there's not enough problem for a day, my notebook conked when I needed it most, the operation guy reported few more pc problems at their dept & some networking hardware failed at the same time. It's just madness & chaos. Don't even have time for lunch.

When I finally resolved the wireless problem, more than half a day has gone. The tense & pressure eased. Just glad I got the problem fixed, even though I smell like fish & so tired. Need to get the rest of the problems resolved one at a time.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Time Flies

Time really flies. It's my 5th day stay at the North (not North pole of course.) Will be back home town a day after X'mas. Don't feel like going back home. Don't feel like going to work. The only thing I want is my sweetheart.

Friday, December 21, 2007

My First Time

Today, for the first time, I have my hands on the washing machine. Had a bit of problem playing around with the menu initially. Dump all the clothes & the water started to fill slowly. After about 15 minutes of standing there looking, at last, it started to wash. Felt something is amiss after a while. Darn it! I forgot to add liquid washer! DUH !

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Balik Kampung

I'm at North, spending time with my sweetheart until 25th. Wish to have longer leaves, but no more leaves. Drove up yesterday after work. Caught in the jam at many places, Subang-Damansara, Sg. Buloh, Tg. Malim, Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar. The jam itself has taken me 1.5 hrs. The usual 4 hours drive, dragged to 5.5 hours. Strangely I don't feel tired at all along the journey. Why? Coz along the way, I kept thinking of my sweetheart mah ... hehehe.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cleaning Up Shits!!!

Been busy at work. The IT guy just across the office got fired last month. Have to cover for that office as well. Basically in the morning I will be in the main office. Going to the other office at noon to clean up the shit / left over from the fella that kena sacked. Was wondering what this guy was doing for the past one year. Perhaps he was busy emailing & chatting online. There are too many pcs softwares are not being updated. Antivirus not functioning as it should be. Too many spywares / adwares on the pcs. Hardware faulty not reported & equipments not properly disposed off. There are at every corner. Backup not being done. What a mess!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Word / Excel File Won't Open?

No worry! If a Word or Excel file becomes grabled or won't open at all, you may be able to fix it with Microsoft's built-in file repair tools.

Click File - Open, and locate and select the damaged file. Then click the arrow on the right side of the Open button and select Open and Repair from the resulting drop-down menu.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Spam. Why me ?

Have you ever asked yourself this question... Just where the heck these spammers got my email address ? Well, it's not so hard to guess where they got it.

You do get mails from bunch of friends & contacts daily don't you? Do you ever noticed who it was addressed TO ? There are bunch of email addresses you can find there. If the mail was a forwarded one, you can find even more email addresses in it. You can sell these addresses to companies out there for a certain amount of money. These companies will in turn will sell it to the spammers. So how can you avoid this ? You still can do what you do best, email & forward mails out, but try to hide the receipients email address at the BCC field.

Do you subscribed to any newsletter? Many of us receives newsletter daily, be it about IT, parenting, social networking, etc. Some website guaranteed your email privacy, but just how sure are we that they keep their word ? These days, many of us have more than one email account. Perhaps it's a good idea to assign one email account specially for newsletter.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ladies BEWARE!!!

Ladies out there, beware where ever you are. There has been quite a number of raped cases reported on papers of late. These robbers cum rapists prey on unsuspected ladies, kidnapped, raped & robbed them of their money.

Staying alert all time could atleast prevent you from being a victim. Be alert of your surrounding, no matter where you are, whether you are petrol station, bank, shopping complex, infront of your house, etc. Don't think when you have reached home & stand infront of the gate you are safe. A recent victim was forced & dragged into a car while she walks out from her car to open the gate.

While you are driving & before reaching your house, check the rear mirror for suspicious persons. Pay more attention if they are on motorcycles (could be snatch theives) or car (rapists, kidnappers). If they are approaching, forget the gate, get into the car fast. Lock yourself in & get ready to drive away if your life is threatened. You might be thinking it's silly & your neighbour will laugh at your action, but is your neighbour going to rescue you when you are under attacked? In short, will you rather let that silly laugh from your neighbour bothers you or you rather be kidnapped, robbed & raped? A small effort makes a great difference.

Stay alert all the time where ever you are!!!

These criminals should be hanged, shot or stoned to death. They deserved it.
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