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Friday, June 13, 2008

How to save on petrol ?

With petrol price shooting up & no sign of going down, I guess the following will helps out a little bit on burning less fuel when you drive :
  • many say once you fired up the engine early in the morning, don't let it idle as you will burn more fuel. Start driving immediately, but go slow for the engine to warm up. Some cars needs to warm up before you start driving. For example, Honda City has an temperature indicator on the daskboard. The indicator will usually goes off after 1 minute of warm up. I guess all the newer car doesn't need to warm up, however, check your car manufacturer guide / book.

  • the ideal speed to drive on highway to achieve economic fuel is at 80 kph. Some say is between 80 - 100 kph. As you go higher, more fuel is required to achieve that speed. It has to do with the mechanism in your car that handle how well / efficient the fuel is burnt.

  • dont tail gate. We often come across jokers who likes to drive very closely behind us. If you lightly press on the brake (very very lightly), the jokers will have no choice but to hit on their brake, otherwise, they will end up kissing us. Their car will loose momentum, they will have to change gear & use up more fuel. When ever I notice someone tail gating me, I like to lightly press on the brake, as these jokers do not have the patience to wait & will overtake. Of course we got to make sure we are not hogging the fast lane lah. If we drive slow, keep to the left lane.

  • ensure tyres are properly inflated. We should check our tyres pressure at least two weeks once. If tyres are under inflated, more fuel are needed to move the car. So we burnt more fuel for less millage we travel. More fuel burnt = more money $$$ burnt. It only takes few minutes to check tyres pressure. I will rather loose few minutes than loosemore money. You ?

  • get off the pedal. When you know you are about to reach to a stop, get off the pedal. Your car will have enough momentum to bring you to a stop. Some people will just pedal even though they are about to reach the stop & hit on the break hard. Waste more fuel = waste more money.

  • pump in the morning? Lots of people advise me to pump petrol in the morning. It has to do with the pressure in the fuel tank. Don't know how true is this. But what the heck, just pump lah, coz early morning at petrol station less car / traffic.

  • drive smart. Many people like to step on the pedal hard, creating the tyres "screeching" sound & smoke when the traffic turns green. What's the hurry man ? Lots of traffic lights in Malaysia. I will still be able to see you at the next traffic light ma... There's no need to speed off. Drive slow at first gear. Until the car has enough momentum, you can slowly increase your speed. More fuel is burnt at initial gear.

  • go light. Many people like to put lots of things in the boot adding more weight to the car. The extra weight or load will require more fuel to be burn to move the car. Is ok if the necessities like tools, spare tyre are in there.

These little things won't save you much money in fuel, but it long run, every little effort counts & contributed to the money saved.


Eluzai said...

wah.. very good tips. tq babeh!

dizzyguy73 said...

yup! drive smart.

Comment whatever you like, but comment moderation is turned on. It might take some time for your comment to be published.