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Friday, October 24, 2008

Staff Trip to Redang Island

The staff trip to Redang Island was fun & enjoyable one. The organising team has lined up lots of activity for us. Glad they pick Laguna Redang as the spot as there are just so many things which everyone can do there.

On the first day itself, after some motivational talk, we head to the sandy beach for 'Amazing Race' style of game. Teams will have to pick up their clues at each of the pit stop. The first was to form 2 lines facing each other. First person on the line will have to throw egg to the next person in the opposite row, until it reaches to the last person & collect exactly 9 eggs uncrack! I was throwing the egg to the warehouse guy & omg, he cracked the eggs, about 3 of them.

Next, team will have to eat & drink these :

I have to eat the bitter cucumber, so called 'yellow river'. Omg! Yucky!!! The warehouse guy again this time, almost vomit drinking & chewing the black lemon. Eventually, my team leader, the poor lady have to help him by chewing the lemon which he vomitted out! Eeeeeeeewwwwl...
Next is canoeing. Someone has to canoe far away to the sea & grab the sponges which were tied to the net. That someone is no other than me. It was a horrific moment for me as I do not know how to swim. The moment I sat on the canoe, questions start appearing in my mind. What is the canoe captised? What is I drown? What's going to happen to me ? Who will save me ? Will I be saved on time & still alive ? What are they going to tell my mom ? What's going to happen to my mom ? How will my darling react to this bad news ? But lucky for me, I managed to overcome the fear, keep my cool & keep paddling. It looks simple to canoe, but in actual fact, it's darn hard, especially if you get a partner who sits at the back & do not know how to navigate. I have a very hard time paddling to the right direction, no thanks to my partner.

Then with the sponges we collected, we have to run to the beach, soak the sponges & fill two 1.5L bottles. Running up & down, especially after hard time canoeing was darn tough!
At dinner time, there were more games. The group with 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, got lots of free tupperware products. My group ? 4th place! Darnit!

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Eluzai said...

awesome! well organised i think.
Glad you had fun.
wei! u cant swim! wahh.. so brave!

Comment whatever you like, but comment moderation is turned on. It might take some time for your comment to be published.