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Friday, January 4, 2008

Pc Slow ?

If your computer is running very slow as time goes, before you head to a computer shop for upgrade or buy a new one, here are something you can do. Sometimes, upgrading the cpu or memory is not helping in long run.

A lot of reasons causes the slowness :-
  1. Unnecessary programs are being loaded when Windows started.
    Ok fine! So how the heck do you know what programs are being loaded ? Easy, just download this tool - AutoRuns. Believe me, you will be surprised of what you are about to see. If you still at lost or need help on this, ok lah, I can do some charity work for you. Drop your email on the comment box & I shall revert back to you.

  2. As time goes, there will be more & more files, program or softwares being installed into your pc. These files are scattered all around the hard disk. Just like in a building with multiple floors & blocks, you will need to walk long way, take the lift, going up & the stairs to reach your intended offices. This is what happened in your hard disk. Just imagine how nice if the few offices you will like to go is just a short walking distance, same floor & just beside your office. Ok now, so how to make your files properly organised in a way that, Windows will spent lesser time to search for the files & the files can be retrieve much faster ? Click here for the answer.

  3. Programs not properly configured.
    Some softwares check for updates when you goes online. Not only it slows down your pc by taking some processing power of your cpu, it also steal the Internet bandwidth. Take note of the followings.

    • Disabled your Windows Automatic Updates. If you really need it, you can always perform the update 2 weeks once.

    • If you have antivirus or antispyware software installed, ensure the automatic scheduled scanning is not running at odd time. Configure it to run during lunch time or any other time when you are usually away.

    • While you are listening to music or watching dvd on your pc, the player is quietly pulling updates from its website. When you first install the player, some of it is pre-configured to pull updates automatically. Now the question is, do you really need these updates ? If it's playing fine, why update ? Disable the update.

    • Some notebook comes with backup & recovery software. At predetermined time, it will auto backup your notebook data. If you turn on the auto backup feature, perhaps the best time to let the backup run is when you are not using the notebook or when you are away.

    • Some people have lots of instant messaging installed. So kiasu !
      I have seen people have Google Talk, Skype, MSN messenger & Yahoo messenger all loaded automatically when Windows starts. Needless to say, this again, takes longer time for Windows completely load. Some just dont mind to have this set, as they will start up their notebook & go pangsai first. After they back from toilet, Windows already finished loading. Oii !!! Company pay you to work or to chat !!!

  4. If you do not have sufficient RAM, there's an alternative. These days, pc comes with huge hard disk. If you have few Gigs of available disk space to spare, increase Virtual Memory. This is how you do it. Locate your My Computer icon. Right mouse click once, select Properties. Click Advanced. Under Performance, click Settings. Click Advanced - Change.
    When you are done increasing the size, click OK all the way. Windows will use the hard disk space as a medium for temporary storage, just like RAM. But of course, RAM is very cheap now, so it's actually worth to upgrade the pc RAM instead.

  5. Clear your browser cache file (temporary internet files).
    If you are using Internet Explorer, go to TOOLS - Internet Options - General - Delete - Temporary Internet Files.
    If you are using Firefox, Tools - Clear Private Data. Yup! Less painful than Internet Explorer.

  6. Clear your pc junk & unused files.
    Click Start - Run. Key in this word %temp%
    Hit Enter key.
    A folder similar to this will be opened C:\DOCUME~1\User\LOCALS~1\Temp
    Delete all the files located here. As you work with your Microsoft Office file, browsing attachments in email, a temporary copy of the files are stored in this folder. At the end of the day, Bill Gates expect to do the housekeeping yourself. Thanks Bill !

  7. Ensure you have an antivirus & an antispyware program installed on your pc. Not just installed, ensure you run the program at least once a week to kill those son of a bitc* viruses. These menaces will slow down your pc. If you are lucky enough, you might not be able to boot up your pc the next day. So folks, go grab a good antivirus & antispyware program which can be found on the right hand corner link on this blog.

If all fails, the it's time to feed the crocodile in Klang River. I'm sure the crocodiles love to eat your pc. Make sure you don't jump lah. Go to the nearest pc shop & buy a new pc.


Tina said...

Very Good info. tq.

dizzyguy73 said...

U r most welcome. Need any help? I'm doing charity work

karen said...

hahhah!!! wahhh this is what i needed !! tq

dizzyguy73 said...

Everybody need to know this basic troubleshooting work, so that we all dont get ripped of by those unscrupulous pc shop owner

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